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What is CasaSapo?

For seven years now, CasaSapo is the leading national real estate portal electronically marketing property for offer and demand, with more than 400 thousand properties being advertised and more than 500 thousand unique visitors, each month.

In 2008’s first semester, registered, on a monthly basis:

• More than 19.000.000 Viewed Pages
• More than 850.000 Visits
• More than 41.000 Contact Requests
• More than 470.000 Properties.

How was CasaSapo born?

CasaSapo was born in 2000 as the result of a partnership between Janela Digital, Portugal Telecom (PT) and the Sapo Portal, becoming the leading Real Estate channel of Portugal’s biggest search engine.

The idea of creating a real estate portal resulted from the increasing number of properties that were being handled by the Real Estate software, Inmofocus, which is still the only real estate management software that exports properties, automatically to CasaSapo.

Individuals also needed property advertisement space on the Internet, not only because the traditional means stopped offering a good relationship between cost and contacts obtained, but also due to a modern way of life which demanded a new form of real estate search be offered, based on new technologies.

What does CasaSapohave to offer?

CasaSapo has been constantly evolving, throughout the years, responding and sometimes even surpassing its user needs, be it the real estate professionals or individuals.

CasaSapo is not only one of the best means to sell and buy a house, but also advertises real estate offers for offices, warehouses, coffee shops, holiday homes, in Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde, Angola and Brazil, advertisement of new build developments and real estate news! Everything from, used properties, new properties, properties for sale, to rent, to lease, apartment, residence or even a land plot, are all on

What can you find on CasaSapo?

CasaSapo contains information about the properties that real estate professionals and individuals advertise to potential clients.

It can be apartments, with several number of bedrooms, from T0 to T6 or greater, detached houses, semi-detached houses, terrace houses, shops, farms and ranches, offices, warehouses, buildings, luxury properties or even garages. You can also find, apartment buildings, warehouses, Storage space and studios. An old house, wood house, a house in the mountains, rustic house or a farm can also be found. You can even find a shopping centre, a ranch, a hotel or a shop, as well as lots, residential lots, industrial lots or a building lot or even an overall land division. Other types of properties that can be found are: windmill or a mount, the classic Masía, Caserío o Cotijo de Andalucía. The properties can be detached, semi-detached, terrace houses, flats, etc. If you are looking for a small palace or even a palace, a building, bedrooms, large farm or a small one, solarium or even a ruin, Casa.Sapo is indeed the place to look at first.

These properties are offered under a wide range of business types, being the most common ones: for sale or to rent. However, you will also find proposals for leasing, holidays renting, sale/renting, sale of shares, Cession of the contractual position, among others.

The properties can be new or used, in project phase or in construction, refurbished, and ‘to refurbish’.

The Nett area and the gross area are shown in square meters. The properties also contain photos and 360º photos, which is very important to better show what one wants to sell and to help evaluate what one intends to buy. Besides photos, drawings can be added and it is even possible to geo-reference each property and locate it very precisely!

The advertised properties also have a description, as complete as possible, of its features, such as: it is near green areas, golf courses, schools, hypermarkets, public transportation or pharmacies, if it is equipped with extractor fan, air conditioning, natural gas or microwave, central heating, lift, car park or garage, swimming pool, garden, which is all kind of useful information needed to influence the decision of buying, or at least, to request additional information or, who knows, maybe even a visit!

The name of the property owner or the real estate agent/broker identifies the property and always supplies one or several contacts usually a telephone number or an email address to contact and request more information about the property. It is also possible to send the property details to a friend, print the information or add to your favourites.

Casa.Sapo is also the only national portal to make available a service for instantaneous messages between buyers and sellers as well as real estate professional’s directory at the national level. This way, whoever is looking for a property, by consulting its information in the portal, can contact immediately, the seller or the real estate agent/broker, without having to deal with the hassle of phoning or sending an email to request more information. A click is all you need! With Inmofocus Messenger you can clarify all your doubts about that particular property. And, if you are look for a real estate agent in a specific part of the country, you can look for it in the national directory and select the one that is most convenient to you. Real estate agents are only a click away!

Properties with a business

The properties contained in the business section of Casa.Sapo was the solution for the growing need of the majority of our clients to advertise commercial spaces with a specific commercial activity already attributed to it, as it is in the case of cafés, supermarkets, gymnasiums. Hotels, video clubs, restaurants, mechanics shops, delicatessen, stationery shops, book shops, florists, nurseries, bars, a wide range of types as diverse as a business can be.

On Casa.Sapo you can buy ready to start businesses, documentation agencies or travel agencies. You can buy a whole resort, a warehouse or only a storage space. Studios, a water wheel, your pub, hairdresser/Beauty centre, Café/Snack Bar. If you want a joiners shop, you can find it on Casa.Sapo. You can also find farms, Shopping centres, training centres, and delicatessens. Even a clinic or a video club. For the youngest, a Disco can be found. For others, a news agent shop. Offices, Bed & Breakfast, Photo, video or cinema studio can also be found as well as a nursery, factory or a florist shop. How about that fruit shop that you want so much? It can also be found as well as a garage or gymnasium, a ranch or even a hotel. You can also find land plots, shops, windmill, and bakery. And the list could go on and on. All kinds of business that you can think can be found on

In this section, offers of properties with businesses for sale, to rent or to lease all throughout Spain can be found.

Brazil Channel

The Casa.Sapo Brazil Channel is the ideal space for real estate advertisement of properties located in Brazil that are for sale or to rent.

In this space, the offer of apartments, houses, farms – the famous Brazilian “fazendas - ranch” – for sale or only to rent, are tempting proposals and which are becoming more and more attractive, be it for holidays or for permanent residence. The types of properties you can find on the Brazil Channel are: apartments, warehouses, houses, commercial, offices, garages, properties with business, buildings, rural and land plots.

To search for properties on the Brazil Channel is very easy: you only have to select the state and the Brazilian city where you want to search for a property. Then define the type of property and the number of bedrooms to obtain a list of available properties. You could choose the state: Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte or São Paulo, they are all on the Brazil Channel, and you only have to choose.

The Brazil Channel is the easiest way to rent or buy properties in Brazil! You can choose your dream house without having to leave the comfort of your own home!

CasaSapo Cape Verde and CasaSapo Angola

For the real estate agents and brokers, the CasaSapo Cape Verde and Angola Portal’s, are real estate portals fully dedicated to the advertisement of new build developments and properties in Cape Verde and Angola, increasing their visibility all throughout the world.

These portals strive to offer the same quality of the services that the brand CasaSapo as presented the Portuguese professionals with. The Portal CasaSapo PT is visited by more than 850,000 users originating from 143 countries.

For those who are looking to invest in the Real Estate sector in Cape Verde and Angola, by acquiring its own house or for holidays, CasaSapo is the place where you can find the offer of the main real estate agents and brokers.

New Build Developments

The new build developments advertisement section on Casa.Sapo is where the exclusive developments advertisement offer is concentrated featuring developments already built or still in construction. The information, extremely graphical is based on the most recent technologies applied to real estate advertisement on the Internet, it presents in a complete and detailed manner the properties, not only presenting their interiors but also their exterior, especially the architectural options and its placement in the surrounding landscape.

In the section of the Casa.Sapo Developments Advertisement there are available presentation videos of projects and the information more complete is supplied by websites, especially created for that end.

Find the apartment or the house that you wanted was never easier! You only have to select the development that you like the most and then analyze its drawings, images, location information and many more details. If you wish to have more information, please fill in the forms, especially created for that end and send it to us. This will get you in touch with the relevant people!

If you are a Real Estate agent / broker and want to know more about Inmofocus or how to join – National Real Estate Portal, follow the link, join or contact our Sales Department on (+34) 931 845 807 or by e-mail,